We are an association of entrepreneurs born in 2005, taking eight years of experience, born of the need to hire private security in the Polygon Canastell, in constituimos for this purpose, we have to say to the current date that service works perfectly since the accident in the polygon is down 70% second study of the Civil Guard, have between them 80-90 currently associated, gestionándoles different services for your business.

Should belong to our Association, independently of the polygon of which it is, because what we offer is to all companies in San Vicente, and form part of this great family of businessmen from San Vicente del Raspeig, so all together have more options when it comes to the management of any government, and to the Service Providers, we who try to resolve it in the first instance to any difficulties that may arise, ourselves as we adhere to Fepeval, Federation of Associations of entrepreneurs Valencia, and they are joined to ECE. So the information is a weapon we have at your fingertips.

The Association is a nonprofit, so you do not get any benefit, is composed of a Board of Directors who meet regularly to discuss different issues that may arise, such as product presentation by service providers, maintenance complaints and parties, and other councilors of the municipality. PICKUP requests from partners, and business meetings with the goal of bringing a speaker to talk about a current issue and in turn make the whole business of San Vicente have direct contact, for himself enhancing trade between them.